Is your money walking out the back door?

With your surveillance cameras in place and recording you can do something about employee theft as well as shoplifting. Theft isn't just a cost of doing business - thieves are actually taking money directly out of your pocket. Law enforcement has come to expect that every retail location is operating a surveillance system and they want the footage to prosecute criminal acts committed against you and sometimes against other customers. 


We can help you protect you and your business. Our surveillance solution will work for you and we have the experienced technicians to install and maintain it, all at an affordable price tag. Whether you want a full indoor/outdoor solution or just one or two cameras to get you started, give us a call.



Keep an Eye on Your Business!

 Building a surveillance system that can integrate with your point of sale system gives you an edge on criminals! Not only can you catch them in action but you can provide the police with all the evidence they need to prosecute.

Day or night, indoors or outdoors, IP cameras covering your entire store footprint or specific placements in strategic locations, our experienced technicians can recommend a comprehensive program that you can afford.

 We believe in working with you to build a surveillance system that fits your needs. Convenience and grocery stores, restaurants, hotels, liquor stores, hardware and retail stores. Whatever your location we can put together a package of the right cameras, in the right place to get the coverage you want, and do it at the right price.