Easy to Use and Train 

  • Minimal touches make selling an item quick and easy and keeps training for new cashiers minimal.
  • Keys are full programmable - set the color, font and location
  • Tender the sale in 2 touches!


Scanning Means Accuracy! 

Why leave decision making to your clerks? The Price Book is the back bone of the DiamondScan POS system and is where information about every item in your store resides. When a clerk scans an item that a customer wants to purchase you will know that YOU decided the price.


Feature Rich and Report Heavy

Instant access to your reports, with real time data. Discount programs, Inventory and Receiving, House Accounts, In House Gift Card and Loyalty Programs. Over 80 reports about payroll, voids, daily sales and many more. Export data to applications such as Excel and Quickbooks.


Food Ordering Made Simple

Take out or eat in? Deliver. It's all there. Design your POS to mimic your menu and never have a cashier leave off the add ons (cheese, veggies) that cost you money and they have been giving away. You decide what's included and what's an add on. Is your customer ordering food and shopping for other items? Send the order to the kitchen, suspend it in the POS and recall it when it's ready and the customer wants to pay. Build your pizzas and specialty items. It's all here in a few simple touches.


 Follow this link to www.diamondscan.com for more information.