The Point of Sale Solution

  Your Restaurant

  Will Never Outgrow



Restaurant Manager is a feature rich Point of Sale software solution that will meet your needs today and every day, and every year after that!


In the marketplace for over 30+ years, this software is tested and up to date, for fine dining to take out pizza or seafood, and every style of restaurant in between.


Restaurant Manager offers a complete package: Table Service, Bar and Nightclub, Quick Serve, Takeout and Delivery, Reservation Management, Gift Cards and Loyalty programs, Online Ordering, Employee Scheduling and much more. We can help you build a system that matches your unique restaurant.

          Save thousands of dollars - on your installation and monthly costs!



 Restaurant Manager (RM) now offers in-house payment processing for a better, more integrated point-of-sale experience.  


Why upgrade?

  • Prevent fraud. If you are not accepting EMV, you are leaving your business vulnerable to counterfeit credit card fraud.
  • Reduce liability. POS procesing that relies on SSL encryption is no longer PCI compliant and must be upgraded to a solution that uses more secure TLS encryption. The latest version of RM not only works with EMV terminals, but it's also PA-DSS certified which reduces liability for data security breaches.
  • Avoid fines. Mastercard's latest credit cards use a new Bank Identification Number (BIN) and POS systems must be updated to accept these new cards or you can be fined an assessment fee up to $20,000 per occurrence.


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